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 A medium that is simple to monitor and easy for consumers to engage.


 Utilizing visuals for storytelling; one of the most powerful methods of communicating.


 Storylines and ideas manifest from a script, whether written or visual.


 One of the most appealing forms of art is storytelling through cinema.

Why & How

The marketing industry is now so dynamic and fluid, that worldwide knowledge is required from today’s leading marketers.

We strive to provide companies and their teams with motion – a medium that’s simple to monitor and easy for consumers to engage. We deliver this service through a unique mix of technology, content and visuals.

This covers multiple areas including motion graphics, videography, ideation and film production.


Some of our productions.
Animated How-To Promotional Video
Motion Graphics
Animated Promotional Video & Character Development
Motion Graphics
Character Design and Animation Reel
Motion Graphics
voz del mar
Voz del Mar
Experimental, Shorts
Conchal Hotel and Papaya Restaurant in Costa Rica
Immersion Marketing, Motion Graphics
Serendipity Charters
Immersion Marketing, Motion Graphics
Joaquin Ten and His Valencian Paella
A Little Time With - Web Series, Motion Graphics
Sebastian Melmoth
A Little Time With - Web Series, Motion Graphics
Maxpoffle Sheep
Motion Graphics
Xeraco Waves
Experimental, Shorts
Bee Courage
Motion Graphics




We are a creative international film production company. Our process and services cover idea generation and script development, live-action filming, motion graphics, animation, editing and distribution.

The Autonomous Rhinoceros’ main objective is for marketers to become autonomous in the marketplace and create brand distinction and strength.

Eric J. Trujillo
Creator & Founder

As a filmmaker, creative thinker, and mixed-media artist, I think in pictures. It would be only natural that I would speak the same language as well. For me one of the of most appealing forms of art is storytelling through cinema. The overwhelming appeal of cinema lies in its ability to suggest and tell a compelling story with sound and visual associations.

The initial content of my work is a foray into artistic and developmental explorations that I find a continuing process. Story lines and ideas manifest from a script whether written or visual. The intent of this work is towards a story’s end or, to answer or ask questions.

As an artist, videographer and the visionary of Autonomous Rhinoceros I make films that expose intimate processes and close observations. Autonomous Rhinoceros is the entity that I have chosen as the evolution of my life’s work.

Life in itself is unconventional and unpredictable. My passion is to capture it one visual at a time.


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