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Eric J. Trujillo

Creator & Founder, Producer, Animator, Illustrator

As a filmmaker, creative thinker, and mixed-media artist, I think in pictures. It would be only natural that I would speak the same language as well. For me one of the of most appealing forms of art is storytelling through cinema. The overwhelming appeal of cinema lies in its ability to suggest and tell a compelling story with sound and visual associations.

The initial content of my work is a foray into artistic and developmental explorations that I find a continuing process. Story lines and ideas manifest from a script whether written or visual. The intent of this work is towards a story’s end or, to answer or ask questions.

As an artist, videographer and the visionary of Autonomous Rhinoceros I make films that expose intimate processes and close observations. Autonomous Rhinoceros is the entity that I have chosen as the evolution of my life’s work.

Life in itself is unconventional and unpredictable. My passion is to capture it one visual at a time.

Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Co-Founder, Co-Producer, Script Writer, Second-Shooter, Client Management

I love stories and how animation and film bring them even more to life. When I’m not writing about travel, I’m discovering more stories and getting to know the people that they’re all about.

There’s something about stories that can powerfully connect people. It carries on history, teaches and inspires us.

As part of the Autonomous Rhinoceros team, I take care of the details, help in identifying stories we want to produce, script-write and co-produce. I also speak Spanish as my second language and come from a very multi-cultural family, so big surprise that I manage our communications too.

Have you ever sat with someone and had that awkward silence between you? But then they share with you a story about themselves, and you think to yourself ‘Incredible! I would have never imagined this about this person or ever known this… if I hadn’t heard their story…‘. And you realize later that you received something, like getting an unexpected gift through which your own experience has expanded, and you are that much richer because of it.

That’s what I love about sharing stories.

Auto the Rhino

Mascot, Visionary, Cheerleader, Jokster

Good ‘ol Auto, and of course his trusty sidekick, B. Because after all, we all desire autonomy and independence, but it’s best achieved with others. That’s our philosophy about storytelling and these two ‘characters’ (literally) are our mascots who remind us of that.

Do you believe in dreams? These two came about because of a dream that Autonomous Rhinoceros founder, Eric Trujillo, had one night. So the next day he drew them, the name came to him, and thus was born Autonomous Rhinoceros Films – independent films made together!


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