The Valiant Valencian Teaser

The Concept

Time Period – Circa 1200 AD

The Valiant Valencian is a animated 12-15 minute animated short. It tells the story of a random hero that could’ve changed the course of Spanish history. I say ‘could’ve’ because I believe it has a type of quality to it. I was intrigued by the origin story for the bat included on the emblem and flag of Valencia in Spain. Why is the bat included?

Production Notes

We are currently in the development stage and will enjoy a 4-6 month production to get the first production rough. In production we will have the characters be fully realized for the final cut. The feature will have the short cut in Spanish with English and French Subtitles, and cut in English with Spanish and French subs.

Final feature: short film- 12-15 minutesPost production in 4K with sound and subtitles