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Auto the Rhino

How We Make a Moving Impression

We want the viewer to be intrigued about what’s coming up next, not anticipating a marketing message in their face. We lead the viewer steadily by being informative, persuasive and tempting. Once the viewer is connected with, the video closes with a call for action or key take-away, each leaving a thought-provoking impression on the viewer.

Our Video Packages

You’ll feel like a kid unwrapping a gift. These packages are designed for optimal storytelling in shorter amounts of time, and can be thoroughly customized by you.

All movies will be shot, edited and delivered in ProRes 1080P HD, unless specified otherwise.

For short videos, the Autonomous Rhinoceros approach is to create great timing and keep it short and engaging. If the video is too long and the interesting part starts after 45 second to a minute, the chance of the viewer staying with you is very slim. Every detail is for enjoyment. 

The videos are produced as individual stand-alone movies or can be combined as a whole set, depending on your needs. In our experience we have found that repetition enhances customer engagement.

*Rates do not include tax (or VAT), or related travel costs and accommodations (if applicable).

Let's Travel!

The travel industry is using video storytelling in the most impactful ways. It’s one of our favorite environments for creating film and we love to travel. We combine our content creation skills and travel passion into our Immersion Experience so that you get a video with the best footage, compelling storytelling, and additional online promotion.

Our philosophy is that if you want to share about your particular travel-offering, what better way than to have us come experience it and thus capture it in video first-hand. From there, we work our ‘movie magic’ to craft it into a story that you can share with the world and that we further share across our own networks.

So when can we come? We look forward to visiting you soon. 

*Rates do not include Tax (or VAT).

More Services

Here you can learn about all sorts of add-on’s that we provide for any project.

Don’t see what you need? Just get in touch and most likely, we can provide it for you.

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